Traffolyte Name Plates

We Mrugesh Laser Engravers manufacture high quality Traffolyte Name Plates in pune , it is our passion to serve you with the best. Are you needing a sturdy name plate for your factory's production walls? You've come to the right place. We understand the responsibility of having to comply with safety rules and regulations. In most work places, laws, rules and warnings are required to be posted. Why risk printing everything on paper that can easily disintegrate? Anything that is printed and engraved on our tough Traffolyte name plates is guaranteed to last through any harsh environment.

Why Traffolyte?

Traffolyte is a tough phenolic plastic that is resilient and long-lasting. It can withstand harsh chemicals and heavy weight pressures and forces. Even better? It doesn't break or bend easily! Many employers and companies became exhausted of losing important data from printed ink. The art of engraving Traffolyte became a saving method! Engraved lettering offers a permanent data option whereas ink eventually fades in time unless a liquid or chemical destroys it first.

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