Aluminum Name Plates

Aluminum nameplates provide an easy-to-read surface and can be printed in color with your logo or critical product information. Mrugesh Laser Engravers offers aluminum nameplates in pune with a wide variety of sizes and finishes, in addition, all non-anodized finishes are clear – coated for additional durability. The ability to produce and fabricate quality aluminum nameplate products with multiple adhesive options is only one of the many advantages of working with Mrugesh Laser Engravers. Due to the high durability, heat resistant capabilities, moderate abrasion resistance and lightweight properties characterized by this material the most popular uses and applications for aluminum nameplates include: • Inventory tags
• Instructional plates
• Railroad badge plates
• Computer nameplates
• Lifting and rigging tags
• Transportation placards
• Rating and legend plates
• Wire rope and chain tags
• Circuit breaker panel tags
• Serial number and asset plates
• Boundary and property markers

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